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About Us

Brief Introduction:

BOPAC GROUP are dedicated in modern fencing sports equipment supplier from 2000,as a leading manufacturer in china, we can offer a fully range of fencing equipment which includes fencing Uniform(Jacket, Breeches,Pants,Plastron),electrical Lame,fencing masks,colourful(customer-tailored) fencing bag,coaching equipment, Piste, wheelchair fencing, weapon assembled and accessories as well which is used in fencing sports of Foil, Epee, and Sabre and available from kids to adult.

Our products are produced under the guidance of China fencing association, follow FIE rules strictly as well, to be sure it 

can international standard and be certified according to EN13567 2002+A1 2007 and make fencers comfortable all over the world.

 Co-design together with customers and custom-tailor is our core

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Good Quality

We are approved by customers from all over the world like UK, USA, Canada, and Australia….

Convenient Location

We are located in Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, and it enjoys complete infrastructure and convenient traffic.

Fast delivery date

5~7 days for sample order quantities
7~15 days for bulk order quantities

Way of payment

We accept PayPal, Western Union, bank transfer.
If you have trouble, feel free to contact us.